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CVs, perma spotting vs alpha damage

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On the issue of perma spotting after the CV rework, I said this in another thread:

On 2/9/2019 at 12:03 AM, pra3y said:

Look its very easy to explain why the current iteration of CVs (CI CVs)  spot more as compared to pre-rework CVs (PR CVs). 


With PR CVs, alot of the people playing them are either focused on dealing damage or just downright potato. They send out squads to attack a target or fly along the map border only. Once the attack is done they instantly send the squad back to the CV to rearm and continue farming or potatoing. Hence, they don't really spot anything and selfishly go about their own business. Only a very small group of PR CV players who are actually team players bother to scout/ spot for the team.


With CI CVs, WG has made it so that a single squadron has to execute multiple attack runs in order to be "spent". So even if a CI CV player is unwilling to do so, they will always be spotting for the team cause there will always be planes spotting the ships in the area of the ship the CI CV player is attacking. That is why there is a sharp increase in spotting. WG whether knowingly or inadvertently created this problem, they will have to either sort it out or players will just have to learn to adapt to it. That's literally it.


Thinking about it earlier, while on the way home from work, if the whole problem of perma spotting is caused by having to  make multiple attack runs, wouldn't it be easily solved by tweaking it so that CVs make only one attack run per flight but in exchange, have more planes in that attack run with slightly more health/resistance to balance against AA. In a way a mix of the old CVs and new CVs. For example, you  launch your flight of 5 attack planes (instead of current 3) from your Midway, attack a target, and then return back to the CV. No more issue with being spotted any longer than what it would previously with the old model, unless the CV player wants to run circles around your ship. And while it beefs up the CVs attack power by abit, the CV will still be restricted by AA & fighters.


 Any thoughts?


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