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CV Legendary Upgrades

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Have a mission in Hakuryu for "Legendary Upgrade".

Enhanced Flight Control and Air Groups    
+5% to aircraft cruise speed.
+10% to fighters HP.

Is this module stil exist? Didn't find any information about the module current state.

If this is the "old one" then the speed is good but the fighter hp...
Any captain can train a skill for 1 point to increase fighter group size. That is 25% hp AND firepower.
As CV captain don't use that because other skill feel more better (for 1 point only!). As other captain sometime worth to use not for a HP but for dmg.


Reinforced Armor Protection for Strike Air Groups
+30% to attack aircraft HP. Feel the power.
–5% to aircraft cruise speed. This is debuf.

Overall not that bad that Hakuryu one.


Can somebody confirm those Legendary Upgrades current state?

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current state: in limbo. They'll be looked at further down the line when the CV rework isnt an unholy mess of balancing problems any more.

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