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Active player looking for a new clan

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Been playing this game for just over a year mainly with friends but they're not that active these days and I'd like to play some of the clan based content.
I am not the greatest player, but I am clued up and catch on fast.

Got a few T10 ships
Can you voice comms too.


I'm from the UK so this is like my mini brexit :)

I'll check back here regularly but I am looking for a UK based if possible but not essential, as long as its English speaking it's fine and active.


Thanks for reading!

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RNSF (Royal Navy Surface Fleet)

We now have the capacity for new members!!! (After culling in-active members) LOOKING FOR PLAYERS WHO WANT TO HELP US PROGRESS IN CLAN WAR'S
We are a WOWS clan, made up of primarily English players, & expats but as long as you speak fairly good English, and can take our sense of humour you are welcome (GMT+/-3 time zone is a must) we are shall we say more senior in years.
We have assembled a clan of like-minded mature members, who are committed to having a good time, who do not need micromanaging.
  You will gravitate to players with the same disposition 
 if you are:
⦁ Over 26 (exceptions will be made if you demonstrate maturity beyond your years)
⦁ Not thin skinned (profanity is commonplace)
⦁ A casual player  (but not too casual)
⦁ Have a good range of ship tiers & types 7 -10 especially 
⦁ Have at least 1500 games under your belt (exceptions made for committed players)
⦁ Enjoy divisioning with like-minded people who can give as good as they get
⦁ Committed to playing the game for mainly fun/relaxation with an eye to competitive play
This isn't a clan for you if:
⦁ You require a safe place (if someone calls you a ---- then look inward)
⦁ You are a ship professor i.e players waiting to go into battle while you reel off stats
⦁ You spend more than 20s camo/flagging your ship for battle
⦁ Your mic leaves a lot to be desired i.e others can hear everything that is happening in your household
We are a well-rounded bunch who play most day's & evenings clan battles are encouraged but not a prerequisite we operate Twitch chat the in-game banter is adult themed so if you cannot stand banter/having the piss taken don't bother.
We have a good mix, some play for fun others can get serious we play tiers 4 to 10 with a mix of classes but expect players to rotate types as requested
We are looking for players who don't take themselves too seriously, who have a good tier spread of ships and can give as good as they get.

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Hello Leefy, how are you?

My clan is in a rebuilding process, we are right now 13 players with around 9 very active players, usually online  every day .

We re an english language based clan but with people from all over, England, Germany, Spain, Portugal and even Sudan!!! :)

We are always interested in new players, so if you want we would like to have you.


Minimum criteria for applications is:-

• In the last year play 1500 or more battles (EU server)

• Average Experience per battle is over 1000

• At least 1 x Tier 10 ship (or a Tier 9 that’s close to upgrading)

• A commitment to make 80 Oil per week for the clan

.• English speaking is mandatory. Read and write English is ideal.

• The use of DISCORD for clan and in-game voice communications is mandatory and be active there.

• Your in-game name and DISCORD name are the same or very similar.


If you can fill these we re will be very happy to add you

We re love this game but even more we do like to have fun


Look for me in game, Naked_Bird

or in Discord, Naked_Bird ( 90thP EU)#6890, 


I hope to ear from you

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We have a clan that's devoted to growing together as a community. A lot of us are focused on improving our skills and some of us are even pretty new, as well as some senior players who have mastered many skills along the way. We're a pretty new clan, but we already have a vibrant and active community of players who all enjoy using WoWS as their downtime to hang out in voice chat divisions. Not all of our folks are based in the UK. I'm an American based in Romania, I've got one fella who's an IRL friend of mine from Romania, but based in the UK, and a couple of others, including a fella and his brother, both based in South Africa. You can rest assured that we'll always be speaking English. However, when I'm with my IRL friend in a division, and you join our voice chat session, you might catch us speaking Romanian but we will quickly switch to English without issue.


Our requirements are:

  • Be polite and pleasant, and constructive.
  • (semi-optional, but highly recommended) Have Discord and join our server, to form divisions, coordinate, chat, and generally get to know the boys (no girls yet, but they're more than welcome) in our clan. We're a pretty active community. One important note here is that we often use voice chat on Discord to communicate when in a division. A working mic is highly recommended.
  • Be ready to be active for more than once a month (you can pop in for an hour and play with us just for kicks, no issues with that). Of course, we very much recommend at least a little bit of weekly activity.
  • No xp requirements, oil requirements, battle requirements, or whatever. We actively recruit people with over 1400 battles, but that doesn't mean we don't accept people who have less.
  • We may do Co-op with you, but you'll have to specify that whenever you ask if anyone is up for a division. Most of us are PvP folks.

If you don't want to join our clan, but you really like the benefits having an active community brings, or you're unsure you can make the meager commitments we ask of our clan members, you're still more than welcome to join our server on Discord at this URL: https://discord.gg/sGxFAXc


Yes, we don't care if you join us. We'd love it, of course, and especially if you bring enough oil to make our stores slippery. But we know there are far more attractive clans out there with higher stats, more prestige, and more in-game benefits (though ours are growing rapidly). We have no problems having members of other clans, or even entire other clans, on our servers.


This can also be interpreted as an invitation for other clan organizers to join in and coordinate a multi-clan effort with us to build one nice and tight community. Please contact us in the Discord server if you're interested in having your clan work with ours as friendly competitors.


We'd love you to be a part of this, as a member or non-member. It's solely up to you with zero pressure. The more people we have around us, the more we grow as a community and enjoy ourselves. Divmates are valuable!


If this community is a bit small for your taste, think of this:


  • It's been only about a month since the effort started. We now have regular divisions and a pretty vibrant but small community. My deputy and I are not in a hurry to fill up our numbers with just anyone; we're looking for pristine and like-minded people. You are seeing this post because we would like to take a chance on you.
  • As the head honcho in this clan, I am an individual who IRL works in a field that requires the skill of organizing talented people together in one large effort, and it's what I built my own company on. This is what I do and I've made quite a decent living doing it. That extends to everything else in life.
  • You don't have to join the clan to participate!
  • Member of another clan? I don't care! We welcome everyone. Make oil for your clan while having a blast with our mates!


Once you join our Discord, if you do not use your WoWS nickname, it will be changed to that anyway to make you easier to recognize and everyone can invite you to divisions more easily. That is about the only thing that might become an annoyance. If everything else sounds fine, come on in and join the fun!

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Hi Leefy


We are an English based clan.


We have a great clan that is very active with a number of multi cultural backgrounds including British, Swedish, Dutch, Swiss and Cuban/Spanish members (all English speaking) and are looking for players with at least 1 tier 8 (non premium ship. We use discord and in game chat and also have a Facebook page for comms . Please check us out @ [SBS] Special Boat Service and apply in game or alternatively contact HMS_Edinburgh or HMS_BlackPud if you are interested in joining us.   Cheers Pud

AAA Clan Image.png

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Hi , we are recruting new members! we are a multinational clan with players all over EU ! come join us for some clan bonuses ! your only comitment is to connect to discord ( chat app ) and be responsive to chat and banter on discord ! if this invite caught your attention please give me a chat on discord or this chat box and we will talk more ! this is our discord adress ->https://discord.gg/nQTgcJS

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Do you like tea?


If yes, this clan might be what you are looking for.

If no, this clan might still be what you are looking for.

Kongou's Tea Time has been around for over two years, and over this period of time we have only improved and raised our quality. Our community is one of the best out there, and we take pride in being a part of it. Beware of terrible jokes and good atmosphere. The members are from all over Europe, and all we come from different cultures. We are mainly a community clan, which gives our members a lot of headspace, but we also like to play competetive modes. We are mainly playing clan wars, and are fairly active here. In the fourth season we reached the Typhoon League.

We are friendly, and our Discord server is very active. The channels have messages going through constantly. If you are searching for a laid back clan where we still give the oppertunity to play together in competetive modes, this might be the perfect clan for you!

Our requirements are simple, but we expect our members to fulfill them:
- Speak English (you should be able to carry a normal conversation without any major struggles)

- 16+

- At least one tier VII, and one tier VI (this makes divisioning easier)

- Respect each other 

To join, simply contact us on Discord.

Once that has been done, you need to go through the Sea Trials. These are just some battles together with a recruiter, so that we can make sure that you fulfill the requirements and give you a warm welcome.

Human Resources Coordinator: Dewam#5317
Discord server: https://discord.gg/w3WJUWk


We hope to sea you on the seas!

Regards, the TEA admiralty

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