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Very old Vetran coming back to the game

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Well, when did you leave exactly?

Things are pretty much the same as usual. Small things changed or were added here and there. Game is fun as it always has been, at least for me. 

CVs have been reworked extensively, they're no longer played in RTS. It's 3rd person squadron control nowadays. Just went live... what... last week or so? Still in the middle of it, issues being ironed out. 


To say it's been pretty controversial would be an understatement.

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Other points (i have no idea how long you were gone so i'm gonna list some rather old things as well):

-Tons of new ships

-Smoke is no longer almighty, every ship has a range (can be viewed in port) at which it will be spotted when firing in/through smoke.

-IFHE skill (+30% HE-pen) allowing 152mm < gun caliber < 203mm HE to penetrate 32mm armor <-most high tier BBs

-KM CAs + RN BBs + IJN 100mm guns get +50% HE-penetration when compared to other ships (1/4 penetration instead of 1/6)

-Montana and Iowa got their citadels lowered

-Planes can no longer spot torps

-Plane-spotting (both ways) now depends on LOS

-There's more radar at high tiers now

-Scenario battles as a new mode

-The Training room can be accessed without mods now.

-The armor viewer

-You can actually have 19-point commanders now

-Elite commander exp

-Being in a clan now confers bonuses depending on what is build in the clan-hq

-The Arsenal got introduced to buy ships, special upgrades, captains, signal flags for special resources

-special resources: steel (from Ranked/Clan Battles) and Coal (for playing the game) <-Arsenal | Clan-HQ -> Oil (playing the game)

-Inventory to sell superfluous modules, upgrades, flags, camos ect.

-Free Exp premium ships at T9 (+T7 Nelson) (though at the moment you can't get any of the T9s, 2 new ones are in the pipeline to be introduced)

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