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I've been thinking of buying the Z-39, but I'm unsure thanks to the CV rework, and all the rocket planes roaming about. I have two questions:


1: How well can it handle the rocket plane spam? Does it shoot down any number of planes etc.

2: Do you think that it will get a doubloon discount any time in the near to moderate future? Do you reckon it will rotate out of the tech tree before then?

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Still need help?

I owe Z39 and loving it. Its not without flaws, but its quite effective in skilled hands and can do well up-tiered. It may suffer from CVs, especially up-tiered. 6th tier planes - you will shoot down a few but not before they hit you. Tier 8 planes are significantly tougher and you will need help of some aa ship.

I like 150mm guns. They are not that strong in alpha (strongest among DDs of the tier, yes, but overall have significant drawbacks to make them balanced: slow turning and slow rate of fire). Anyway, i like variety and due to that i like to have 150mm guns on a DD to have some fun. AP is really great on this guns altho restricted in use (coz u need broadside, duh), HE have good fire chance. Not good on knifefighting other DDs but otherwise they are effective.

Toprs are very much OK in almost all characteristics:
2x4 fast reaload (you should build for torpboat or hybrid-like, but with upgraded torps; you can and should build Z39 to reduce torp timers), decent damage, good speed, good concealment

Ships itself
Lot of HP for its tier, with survivability skill you will endure  lot of crap thrown at you.

Manuvrability feels a little lacking, aswell as speed (speed boost can remedy that to some degree): 670m of turning, 4.5 sec rotor and 36 knots. Ship is quite large for a DD, is thick (thick enough to arm some AP shells) with rather slow speed in makes him volnerable to air attacks. Concealment is however good and with changes to the air detection you can actively avoid enemy planes.

I dont know how powerful AA can become, i didnt build my Z39 for that. I dont imagine it will brake any records if you would build it for AA (i think you should not, its a waste of a potentially very fun hybrid DD). It have to be said that for its tier DDs Z39 do not have 'weak' AA. Its at least decent and some people did pointed out its actually "surprisingly good". In my vocabulary however "surprisingly good for a DD" is not really that good ;)  If you DO however build it for AA you will have results, i think. Actually, as i think about it now, i will probably try it when the next discount for commander retraining arrive.

Consumables repair, smoke, speedboost and hydro - meaning standard DD set with potent german hydro on top. This hydro MAKES this DD, along with it 150mm guns. You have great range on hydro and your guns are rather lacking in fighting other DDs but combination hydro+smoke will give you caps, it make you competitive among all DDs in cap contesting and can give you crucial advantage when you will knifefight (sure you know it, but still worth to point that out). Honestly, this capabilities make Z39 an effective hybrid instead of good torpboat. Timers on smoke and hydro are from T8 instead of T7 making them stronger; you can also install concealment module which is usually only available to T8-10 ships (thats the reason you have competitive concealment)

Overall, as i said, i like it. Feels like jack of all trades. You are good scout, good cap-contester, have some very good torps and fun guns which became GREAT when you see some broadside in close to mid range (load AP -> farm that broadside), you will citadel cruisers (and light cruisers of lower tier... oh boi, melting time).

I have only 23 battles with it yet but also 73% of winrate so i am doing something good XD (actually i was surprised with that winrate, i am sure it will go down closer to my normal DD winrate range of 55-60% as i play Z39 more).

I did bought it for like half a price and with that kind of a discount i can sincerely say it was great aquisition :) if you like DDs, want to have premium 150mm dd and like to play hybrid or torp DDs (and you'll find 25% or more discount) - take it, you will love it. Without discount - i think i can still recommend. 
If you like gunboat DDs, you may (probably will) regret buying it.

Hope that helps, even if late ;)

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