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Refund Request

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@MrConway or anyone with sufficient decision-making capacity in WG.


Considering that the current  "rework " is really boring, and repetitive, which makes the rest of the game boring, and that much makeup (With supposed changes in the balance of the game), current status is not going to change, because the problem is itself, the botched that is the own  "rework " Regardless of whether we are talking about the wrong mode of airplanes (which can only be solved by doing another deeper rework with a multitude of new core mechanics, so that it could be moderately entertaining; but it may still be quite repetitive); or from the operational point of view of the CV, which is now simply diluted in the Nothing (That would need to return to the previous state and from there, make a new rework that solvent problems, which was instead of generating new and major gameplay problems).


And that all is not going to improve as long as you follow the current  "rework " (as much will be made up, but the background problems will continue there).

In addition, based on the present "rework " (It's almost a joke to call it that), it changes absolutely (and certainly worse) the essence of WoWs itself and the fun it generated, thus ceasing the reason that any premium time contracts were made At the time


I hereby request, I be refund  the premium time I keep on both premium lines, the specific of the WoWs and the general premium account (that mainly is for the WoWs, as you can credit for the game time in each of the games over the last few years).


Thank you in advance for you or anyone who attends this application (of course, not for developers).

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