I would like to know how many of you that prefer the old style RTS mode CV play compared to now?
I also would like an answer from Mr. Conway if there is a chance of rollback to before 0.8.0 or if there might be a plan for a version where we that like the old CV can play just as before?
My questions is not harsh in anyway, just contructive for thouse of us that do not like the new verion, and I think there are many of us.
Please do not use profanities or similar in this thred as then it will just be closed.
However, that does not restrict you from expressing your own opinion and say what you really think.
I personally prefered the old version of CV play and I myself will find another game to play if I can not play WoWs here in the way I signed up for.
Remember that it is there right to do what ever they want with their own game, even if it might not be want you/me prefer.