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CVs rework needs a SHIP CAMERA

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First off I must confess that, what WG did with the CV rework, is more or less what I had in mind. I am a gamepad player and always wished that CV gameplay was more action-oriented than strategy.

I would only change one thing though. The way the system works now does not allow you to view your CV while a squadron is airborne. I can't seem to even change the ships speed (unless there is a way and I'm not aware of it), until I land my planes back. Also there are times where you need to have a closer look in order to navigate properly, avoid obstacles or threats, or just admire your newly acquired camouflage. For this reason I find it highly essential to have a ship view because most of the times I'm forced to return the squadron to take some simple action. 


That would be a simple solution that wouldn't really add any control overhead to the player (remember that previously players where multitasking 4-5 groups, I think most people can easily handle 2 and thats occasional). Of course when the camera is switched to the ship, the squadron can circulate over the last point or can be assigned waypoints (without attack option, to make it a simple & fast fix).


I believe this is highly essential because the way it is now, it breaks some very essential gameplay mechanics. I'd love to see this implemented. Other than that keep up the good work WG, reworked CV's are great!

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