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AA control, improve gameplay for non CVs?

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Hey this will be a short few ideas that maybe will help or maybe won't, but should be a nice discussion.


First, as you read the title, I think that the player could press a hotkey and they switch to AA control, this means they can directly target aircraft squadrons. However, to unlock this you should have the MFC for AA armament  meaning that captains have to be decent at the game with a 10 point captain. Only CVs should not receive this perk as they have the fighter consumable. 

A few things to balance this, you cannot switch the reinforced side and cannot control your main guns as you use this, so it is only for those who can use it without any danger, meaning that cruisers cannot annihilate plane while spamming shots at things.

Also, it requires decent AA for this to work and careful skill as you will still need to track the target.


Second, can the torpedoes in the water be made target you can shoot, reason being is that obviously BBs can take one or two torps, but DDs and cruisers get messed up with one or two torpedo hits. They would only be able to be shot with by Main guns, its a weak idea, but its out there for discussion.


And finally, can there be a skill point like, going down fighting, where if you get sunk you have 5 seconds extra shooting time for DD, 10 seconds extra time with a Cruiser and 20 seconds extra time for a BB, no consumables can be used and you only get one shot, if your ship gets torpedoed it doesn't work as sometimes the ship splits and it would just be weird, but if it is artillery you get the shot. Main guns only no torps. It will make DDs think again before shooting down low health cruisers while in no cover.


My thoughts are out there,

Cya around kids

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