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Suggestions to improve ship aa def.

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With 0.8.0 update i played with full spec aa Adm.Hipper cru. 1 battle i try to help 2 bbs with my aa and i cant find the way to def them from air attacts.Before update i was able.

so Here my solutions with/for later updates and fotfix paches.

1-Ships lose aa range upgrades and capt.skills. Give them back. So planes have to fly long time in aa auras.

2- Overlaping aa auras. When mid.range aa fires also long range fires to same range  but make longrange aa not to shoot short range .

3- Pls make  def aa con. replenishable and give them to all crusers in a sperate slot like clevland.(also you can give them to some dds which they are spec for aa ).

4- Down aa capt. skills from 4 to 2-or 3 level to more accessable to lowe tier ships .

5- Pls rework noncv fighter plane con. İt is very shorttime efective and low benefits now.

6- Give more dispersion to ships  gun which are they shooting a ship spoted by cv planes.


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