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Where is the bet place to post ideas that might improve WoWS??

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I have looked all over the forums but can't find where the best place is to post ideas about small changes to WoWS? Nothing complicated:


For example, ships that have the Arctic Ice Camo; is it not possible to make it so that the camo only comes into affect (if the user has selected it) on maps where there is ice? It feels weird sailing around tropical islands in a frosty ice cube version of The Duke of York. As a result I don't select that camo anymore because most of the time it makes no sense. 


There, that's it, where's the best place to post ideas like the one above where there is a chance of someone from Wargaming game development seeing it?


 I also have another question:


How long till it is possible to block individuals from in-game chat. I have to admit I am easily trolled and or annoyed by in-game players - mostly allied - who start typing negative defeatist comments at either at me or team mates at the slightest sign of loosing the game or when defeat seems inevitable, . There are also people who seem bent on trying to find someone to blame for the team not doing as well as hoped and going about it in a verbally abusive at worse and annoying provocative way at best. There are of course many other examples of chat abuse in-game and I would love to be able to just block that person. A/ because as I have already said I get easily distracted and annoyed by such comments. and B because a lot of the time team members are trying to communicate tactic/strategic information about the actual game taking place. It gets harder and harder to do this when there is a raging argument and abuse taking place in chat. Also if people new that if they start annoying their team (or Enemy) in chat that they will be  blocked they might think twice about launching themselves into an abusive/insulting/destructive/game loosing exchange in chat. I saw somewhere that WarGaming are thinking about doing this,  so it must be coming to the game soon, right?


Many thanks



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