So I decided to buy the Flint instead of saving up for the Black as I had planned, just to feel the difference between the Atlanta with it's weak mid range AA and the Flint which has mid range AA thats comparable to it's long range. Below is a comparison in port without captain and with AA mod 1 installed.   Continuous damage AA Short Range Continuous: Atlanta 114 Flint 166 AA Mid Range Flakburst: Atlanta 1103 Flint 1397 AA Long Range Flakburst: Atlanta 2352 Flint 2352   Flak bursts
Mid Range: Atlanta 3 Flint 6 Long Range: Atlanta 7 Flint 6   Hit chance Short range: Atlanta 79% Flint 79% Mid range: Atlanta 83% Flint 83% Long range: Atlanta 83% Flint 83%   Result in my first battle in her below. It was a totally different experience. The AA felt reliable, not weird like the Atlanta AA feels. The Atlanta can be blapped by a good pilot, the Flint can be saturated by torps in smoke, but at a valid cost and with a proper counter: Hydro - which I picked over the AA consumable. I can't bring myself to choose Manual AA over CE in the Atlanta. The Flint's mid and long range 6 flack bursts make the 4 points of Manual AA a valid choice. Not so much for the Atlanta where CE is the better value in combination with the radar.   All in all I am not opposed to the 'dead areas' in the AA system in general, but I am dissapointed in my reworked premium Atlanta. If WG keeps it like this I would like to be able to sell my Atlanta for Dubloons like I sold my Belfast back in the day when the fire-in-smoke changed. I simply can't think of a valid tactic to prevent getting HE bombed or rocketspammed to bits behind an island when I use the Atlanta as it is supposed to be used: an island hopper.