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CV is lacking half the gameplay of other classes (including old CV)

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There have been many-many topics about AA and stuff like that, but I would say it is not really main issue, clamed abundance or lack of AA is symptom rather than cause. New CV lacks main aspect of the gameplay, that any other class have do take account. And it is, that CV does not have a direct counter - meaning, someone or something that hinders its freedom of movement.


DDs do counters and hinders other DDs, CA/CL counters and hinderes other CA/CL and BBs counters and hinderes other BBs. And also, with varied succsess, they also counter and hinder eatch other.


This is not the case in CVs. New CV does not have any tools do actually counter or hinder opposing CV. It can try do sink it, but it has nothing do stop enemy squadron doing what ever they like, until it is actually sunk. AA is not really counter to CV either, flying into it is a choise. Even if team forms a large and effective AA blob, CV plains can just spot and stop enemy DD/stealty CL doing something funny. And there is nothing really anybody can do about it. Because CV lacks proper fighters, so CV plains can go where they want, when they want and get there really fast. And there is nobody who can do anything about it. So even with-out attacking anybody, CV can still act like "Super-DD", with-out anyone hindering its spotting and dening caps.


The lack of counter is the core problem of the new CV. Just like any other class, it can hinder and counter other classes. But can not be hindered or countered, unless he/she wants it.

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