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CV fighter consumable poorly understood ?

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I get the impression the CV fighter consumable is poorly understood, or if not poorly used and as far as i am concerend poorly of not explained clear enough by WG either.


Only after hours of playing - being destracted by the intense control of my aircraft - i understand i can rescue frienly ships coming under attack by that. It replaces ordering your fighters to intercept in the RTS way. Good for me and those i can protect strenghtening their AA they think is too weak ( its not ) but i only see CV players increasingly using it this way recently. Maybe like me they were too busy with aircraft attack with direct controls.


Maybe you should have explained it better, even in the tooltip better reaching those that do not watch your video's and news. It could have contributed preventing the strong resentment of your CV rework to some extend. I have no doubt those continue playing CV will use it but there will always be CV players that have no clue, just like i did in the beginning. Making other players angry about CV gameplay what seems unessesary if all features are used right.


Could you better explain AA defenses and specificwhat CV can do protecting allies in that same video or news too ?

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