😈💦 ▄███▓[HIDDE] Hiddensea IX ..In the dark Seas the shadows lurk in the darkness▓███▄😈💦  You would like to maintain the free spirit of a sea wolf but with the benefits of a clan, go into battle of clans with the same tactics as in the classification, not having to endure orders or comments on your tactics and above all not having to wait, use the commands of wows with your own intuition and experience combined with the rest of your comrades.  So this is your clan at European level, in construction and expansion (IX-X) where the only rule is to have regular activity. We only have one rule established in this clan is not to be more than 5 days absent for newer and if you reach the 500 of oil in less than 30 days, you will be named recruiter, with more than 1500 limit 14 days and up to 21 days of rest for veterans with more than 3000 of oil and once you exceed 5000 , you will be a honorary member with Perpetual Immunity (VIP). To ensure this rule, we have a law auto regulating within the clan and is the.." loyalty of Hiddens". This loyalty is granted to enter into the clan, getting each Member 3 loyalty points and 1 more point of loyalty for each 1000 petroleum obtained. First rule of loyalty: If someone exceeds the limit of your free time of inactivity within the clan, you subtract 1 loyalty point. Excluded all the comrades who exceed the 5000 oil, this first standard does not impact them Second rule of loyalty: play within the time period of the naval battle and not activate the 10 attempts, you subtract 1 loyalty point for each day you are playing and has not been activated. Lose all the loyalty, will be the event of definitive expulsion of the clan This law has been determined by the failed attempt of the mass sending of notices by the private sector and the passivity refusal of some players And the 7500 of oil, you will be able to access on request to the Chamber of sub-comamdantes to be elected guard of elite of the command cabinet of the staff [HIDDE] Hiddensea IX ..In the dark Seas the shadows lurk in the darkness With the oil reserves, you can vote and choose which port building you would like to expand. There will be concerned the right of free disposition and the entire anonymity of the players, whenever they are supported inside its rest limits and granted by its contribution in petroleum. Of course we want to compete in clan battles, naval warfare, divisions, missions, etc. In naval battle if you enter to play in the period between the hours of 7 am on Friday and the 7am of Monday, all will activate the 10 attempts of the naval battle If there is no battle of Clans, you can play freely as you have done so far because the rule is to have activity and depending on the amount of oil you get personally and for the progress of the clan. Is not prohibited or is mandatory no system of communication, nor the recording or editing of consignments and uploaded to youtube, twitch,etc .  This allowed for the accession of all countries within the European server, with the only condition that the language of communication by text is the English/Spanish A free clan and with the benefit of all. The commander and sub-commanders will assist all Members who wish to participate in division, missions or any other challenge and for it a message will be left in the chat of the port and both parts will observe the port after every battle and they will attend to all your requests in the chat of the port. A cordial greeting from the commander and Subcommanders: Hiddensea, manstein_21, Chuichi_Nagumo_1, REPUBLIC_WAR_ES, Schanhorts, S3R3N17Y, Yolkon_Jonnes, ARK_Nemesis, Lord_7Seas We have no flag, no nation, no king, no monarchy. It is only asked to be present at the port for clan warfare. Welcome to this naval Republic. Honor and Glory 😈💦 ▄███▓[HIDDE] Hiddensea IX ..In the dark Seas the shadows lurk in the darkness▓███▄😈💦  http://foros.aceroyfuego.com/topic/866-hidde-hiddensea-in-the-dark-seas-the-shadows-lurk-in-the-darkness/#comment-15812 https://wows-numbers.com/es/clan/500169039,HIDDE-HIDDENSEA-En-los-mares-ocultos-sombras-negras-acechan-en-la-oscuridad/ http://vzhabin.ru/US_WoWsStatInfo/clans.php?realm_search=eu&clan=500169039 https://discord ( Request Access ) ¬hiddensea¬clan-free¬all-countries¬   [Battle Panel icon 24x24png]
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