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Major step towards simplifying game (CV, flood, conceal)

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I gravitated towards this game in the first place mainly because of my fascination with warships from this era, and especially carriers (I was about 10 years of age when War&Remembrance was on ;)).


So I´ve racked up quite q number of games in CV, the only branch I´ve reached tier 10 in, though I´ve also been playing plenty of the other classes, and I´ve felt that they all belong together, 

they create a WWII´ish mosaique of sorts....of course, the unicum CV players were a factor, but not that big of a factor.


And then we arrive at update 0.8.0 (p - O - t - Eight - O....hmmmm) and the arrival of this new action packed, point and click thing, that reminds me of a mobile game, and that´s just the CV.


With the new flooding mechanism, getting hit by a couple of torps (the ship-based) is suddenly not the major event it once was, quite a hassle, but as a DD, you´ve got to land a flotilla of torps if you´re gonna make someone transition from peaceful sailing to panicked captaining to exploding in seconds, the way we´re used to....


And finally, not quite sure how much this one will impact the game, but setting a flat 10% reduction in detection radius at the very least makes the game a bit more arcade-like, time will tell.


So, my fear is that the population of skilled DDs, Cruisers with usable torps and CV´s will go into a pretty rapid decline, and the era of push W, click mouse, rinse and repeat, point and click, will consume the game....


I hope I´m wrong. But even if I´m not, some other game publisher will fill the gap left and give the people who want something a tad more complex than Frogger what they want.


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What are tou even talking about

  • Flooding changes are in TESTING, nothing has changed
  • 2 torps is not a “flotilla” and even 1 is more than enough to make anyone think teice if sailing there is a good idea
  • there is no “general concealment reduction”
  • the 10% flat you mention refers to a captain skill which previously gave 10/12/14/16% based on ship class

Basically your whole post is nothing more than uninformed / misinformed nonsense

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