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New update destroys the fun! I have a suggestion....

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I mainly play destroyer. The latest update really destroys my experience. The consequences are:

1. The combination og 2xhangar ships and maybe 1-3 cruisers with radar + missiles from hangar ships, makes it impossible to step forward as destroyer

2. I am forced to stay put, close to AA gun ships.

3. If I step up, I am detected quite fast by radar or airplanes - and then I am dead

4. If I wait for airplanes to be shut down, then 10-15 minutes have passed - really NOT fun just sitting waiting...



The game is not balanced. Hangar Ships have become overpowered. From being a sniper I feel more like a sitting duck with my destroyer. The reason is 2xhangar ships AND missiles from airplanes.

With the update you kind of rely on good hangar ships. They kind of define the game now. Not fun - every ship and every player should have their role to play!



I suggest that these updates should not be linear but possibilities. Then the players can mark if they want to play the games with new updates. Like a game in the game. Then players will decide which "versions" actually works and these type of games will be the ones played. My guess is that we all wanna play the games which are balanced.

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