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The best thing about 8.0 - a beautiful friendship

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Controversial would be an understatement, but love it or hate it - for me, there is one bright side to this whole thing. 


And that is my new friend, my best buddy and pal...

Tiny Tim. 


I mean, what a swell guy. He is just a shining beacon of hope in these dark times, something we can all aspire to. A true model of generosity, the gift that keeps on giving. 

I was so moved, I wrote this special poem just for you bro(No homo). 


I have a little friend,

his name is Tiny Tim

I introduced him to herr Hipper once, 

and the rascal detonated him


And so it came to pass,

a beautiful friendship was born

As from the skies of 8.0,

hope is delivered to the forlorn


Have you guys met Tiny Tim yet?  =D




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