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CV - quick fix!

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To me, the last patch is a complete disaster. To the point that I don't enjoy playing the game at all anymore and will probably take at least a break from it for a while.

Biggest issues to me being:

- CV rework
- arms race in ranked

(there are other mechanics that got screwed up, too, but is hard to even measure their effect with the new CV gameplay in place)

And based on the different polls, some 80% of the players feel the same.


So to quickly fix things and avoid losing too many players, I'd suggest that for starters a new battle mode gets implemented: RANDOM WITHOUT CVs.

That should to a large extent bring the game back where it was before the infamous 0.8.0 patch and I guess shouldn't be too hard to implement.

That will give players opportunity to also evaluate changes to the other game mechanics (concealment, line of sight...), but also give WG time to think how to PROPERLY fix this mess they've created.

And of course, those who actually like the new CV gameplay can simply select regular RANDOM and continue enjoying it (given there will be enough players to start a battle in the 1st place)



I deliberately didn't want to explain why I hate the new patch and list all the things that in my opinion got much worse now. So many other people have done that already and in detail. Instead, I just wanted to focus on finding a solution to this. And a quick one, that would persuade me not to stop playing the game I really liked playing for years.
Also, my proposal doesn't fix RANKED, but I can live without one season of it.

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Is not doable in the short term and also Wargaming wants/needs as many battles and players to test this so to find the balance. In my opinion they should have launched this with the option you mention, just to avoid upsetting so many people in their  still a testing process.



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