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I was excited about the CV rework, I really was. I thought atlast CV gameplay will be less frustrating and more action and teambased. Oh boy was I wrong. Ive tried getting wins in my premium CVs in Co-Op, partly to get the steel and partly to train and learn how to play it. Its very simply gameplay but oh man is it badly balanced, I mean its a new definition of badly balanced.

DDs are a joke, they are completely chanceless, you can keep them spotted constantly and just nuke them with rockets.

What is the biggest joke however is AA on battleships. Battleships are essentially immortal, especially US BBs.

Below is the bot match I just had. It took me and the GZ 15 minutes!!! to kill ONE lone North Carolina (and he was a bot). Im fully aware that you have to move and dodge and turn to avoid flakbursts but at some point you have to line up in order to aim with torps or bombs and when you do he will oneshot your entire squad of planes. I mean we couldnt even GET to the ship, all our planes died before we had a chance to even drop a bomb or a torpedo. Eventually I realized that the only way to kill him was to constantly harass and set fires on him with rockets, all other methods would fail and the result is as below, 79 planekills after 15 minutes with 1 ship.........


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