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[EXTENSION] WoWS Shipvoting for Twitch

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I've never officially posted on the forums about it - so better late than never! I hope this is the correct forum section.


If you are a Twitch streamer and want to let your viewers vote in a (somewhat) orderly way, I've built the extension for you. WoWS Shipvote is a Twitch extension that works on all browsers (but not mobile at the moment). It gives you as a streamer full control on what ships your viewers should be able to vote.

It is as simple as configuring your ingame username and disabling ships you really don't like (or don't own anymore). As soon as you open a vote, viewers will be greeted with a notification prompt to pick their ship. You can stop/reopen the vote at any time.


Extension Walkthrough


To install the extension, head over to the Twitch extension page. Click the "Install" button on the top right corner.

You will see a popup. Click on the "Configure" button.




1 - This link will take you to a getting started page if you ever need help. You can Ctrl+Click on it to open.

2 - Insert your in game name.

3 - Select the server you are playing on.

4 - If you think you are ready, press this button. Please note that your ingame profile needs to be public for this.


after a few seconds, you should see your ships pop up. The list will contain all ships you have ever played.


5 - You can enable or disable ships here if you don't own them anymore or don't want to play them (think troll votes).


The only thing left to do now is close the configuration window and click "Activate", then "Set as Overlay 1".

Congratulations, you are done with setting up the extension. For the next part, you will want to go live and actually run a vote!


Controlling votes during a stream


Go live. Then, head over to your dashboard at twitch.tv/YOURNAME/dashboard/live.

On the right side, you will see a window to configure the extension:




While you can use the extension from there, I recommend using the Pop Out option (highlighted area) for ease of use.




1 - In the top area, you will see the current status of your vote. Click the green button to open a vote.

2 - You can filter by different sections here to narrow your vote down to a couple of ships.

3 - I am always keen to hear your feedback. Feel free to reach out!


Let's click the green "Open" button to open a vote.




The panel will change to show the progress of the vote. You can click the red button at any time to close the vote. Note that vote progress will be lost and you will see the previous screen again.


From a viewers perspective, they will see a notification once you open a vote:



On the top left, viewers can track the progress. Once they click on the white button, they will be presented with this box:




Not much to explain here. They click on the ship they want you to play and that's it.


Questions? Feedback? Feature Requests? Troubleshooting?


Don't hesitate to reach out to me. At this point, a lot of streamers have tried this out and the extension matured quite a bit already. You can find all my contact info on the extension main screen. You can also contact me here.


Source Code & Technical Tidbits


The source code is available on sr.ht as well as a mirror on GitHub. The extension was built with Elixir (Phoenix framework) in the backend and Vue.js in the frontend.




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