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As someone who hasn't really tried CVs

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Gotta say, the Rework is NOT making me want to play them more. Whilst I only had a few games (like 4) in pre-rework CVs before I decided they were for me. Tried them out in the rework and...well..it's still not for me. For example I HATE the triangle torp drop pattern that seems to exist on the 4-6 CV Torp drop pattern. From playing high tiered games I've actually yet to see a CV (even a good one) land more than 1 hit with torp bombers. CVs still feel kind of blech, can't really describe why but they really don't grab me. So...if I'm supposed to be the target audience for this change (making CVs more popular via the rework amongst people who didn't play them) and I don't like it...who are the CV changes really for?

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- CV mains hate the changes

- Everyone else hate the changes


All Wargaming had to do, Was nerf the initial strike Alpha to remove CV's ability to 'choose a player and delete them', And marginally nerf the aircraft spotting ability. And encourage the usage of fighters reward wise over just raw ship attacking. Give Carriers their own actual fights between one another that arent just sending all your planes down the map border to snipe them, or whoever gets unlucky and looses their entire fighterwing in 1.5 seconds to an ulucky strafe. But nooooo. They completely change it in a way which has for all intense of purpose destroyed the balance of every single class and completely flipped the meta in ways that probably wont be understood for weeks / months to come.


The entire CV rework is just Wargamings desperation to keep a class ingame which was a mistake from the beginning, Every single other class suffers in gameplay value to accommodate the CV. Just as the Arty ruins every other class in WoT. They reworked the Arty, They rework the CV. Just awful half measures because they refuse to remove these fundamentally broken 'support classes'.


A very unsettling thing i have noticed with the changes :

- Before this update, Arty was a 'Send all your attackers, slap the enemy as hard as you can in one massive wave and hopefully kill him'. And if you didnt kill him, He would use his Damage control and go on.

- After this update, Arty has become like a HE spamming DD. Just constantly chipping away at your health in a way thats genuinely just painful to experience. And your Damage control dosen't regenerate fast enough to keep up with the constant fires caused by the constant attacks. CV's have unlimited aircraft too, Some with heals, So the ''chip damage'' is literally endless.


(I do realise removing carriers will never happen, and tbh it probably wont be healthy for the game as we have come too far for that. But this entire rework was a flop from design stage until it went live today)

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CV is unplayable, as in really unplayable. After a just a few games I came to the conclusion that I really do not want to play this game anymore. 


I mean, I took a squadron of torpedo bombers, Tier 8., against Alabama, a single battleship, not supported by anyone else, attack, torpedos dropped at point blank range, one hit, 5K dmg, lost half of the squadron before the second run, second run started, lost all planes before I could drop. Really? I mean really? Is this the way to improve gameplay? Any attempt to attack two or three vessels close by means death of the whole squadron in seconds.


This is just sad...

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