New for 2019! Now Recruiting! Drop in the Ocean – WoWs Clan   After floating around for a while, been in this clan, been in that, I couldn’t settle as I couldn’t find what I was looking for …. So here it is, Drop in the Ocean. A clan designed for Captains who want to grind, do missions, do operations but who predominantly want to play Clan Battles. I am looking to sign up members to start a clan for which we intend to do Clan Battles in forthcoming seasons. I am looking for …..   The person …. ** 20 years of age minimum ** ** Speak and understand English [Discord installed] ** ** Active players of WoWs  **   In game … stats must be public. ** A team player ** ** 1500 minimum battles ** ** Tier 8 ships minimum **     Interested? Then send me a pm in game or on these forums. If any Captains out there have the time and interest to help me get this of the ground then give me a shout.