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Youtubers...Premium CVs rework reviews...

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Could you...like please...review this ships agains up tiers and not bellow tiers of the CV that you are testing it out, honestly?


Already saw a Saipan review video... a Enterprise... and probably more incoming...godamnit so far all made agains tiers 6 stuff seriously, could you review this CVs agains tops tiers? That where the problems appers and show the true colers of the CVs potential...


I know you are facing agains "bots" because its for super testers or close tester, and its work in progress stuff, but even so i wana see how much mitigation tiers 10 or 9 stuff will able to get agains CV attacks, their AA (ofc aint same was full commander 19 or with ship upgrades but still).


T8 CV Vs T10 stuff...Resuming, i want to watch this Premium CV rework stressing out the test agains opponents of tiers equal or superior, due the fact that where most of the games we gona get anyways.

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