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AI ships just ramming in Co-op and other oddities

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Been ill with the dreaded man-flu so not really up to playing randoms and decided just to chill in co-op. Last time I played a lot of co--op I was impressed in its improvement but this time it is a bit odd. First off is the constant ramming, god forbid you have bots on your team as well as both sets are looking to ram. It is not even "intelligent" ramming you will have full health ships ramming ships with 5% health left. Second the AI seems better at dodging torps but what I have noticed is it focuses on one player and auto dodges theirs and will happily sail into others. A bot controlled ship which has been sailing a straight line will auto change directions as you launch or will instantly slow or speed up to avoid a players torps only to sail straight into another players torps a bit later. This is something I noticed (not just against me but team mates) as I was vegetating playing the game :). The final thing is if you play co-op CV the AI often will just head straight at you regardless of movement or  path of planes.

Anyone else noticed and odd AI play?


I know these are not important points in the overall scheme of things but just noticed as I played, must admit I have always hoped for a more engaging co-op experience (operations are good but get sick of only one a week if you are "Billy no mates") for when I can not face or be bothered with multi player WoWs :) (sometime you just want to veg and not hurt you team mates to much ).

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2 hours ago, Magecraft said:

the constant ramming



The bot super sekrit tektik is to always go bow on to the closest detected ship. This obviously leads to increased amount of rams because the only way bots know how to avoid ramming is to slow down while human players keep pushing on.


Luckily for us this bot behaviour made PEF grind a bit more tolerable as you could ram something in almost every coop you took.

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In the recent credit grind for the PEF mission and also in order to get rid of the snowflakes on my 110+ ships I ventured into co-op again after many years away.


Yes, the AI in c-op does just push the objectives on a domination game but also push forward in other modes (in standard battles there is still one cap).    The AI carriers decide to pick on one ship (even one with good AA) and will fly over other ships including AA cruisers to continue hitting that ship.


In order to take advantage of this behaviour I tried to do the following;


1) Not be the first ship spotted

2) Be on the flank of any AI push to take advantage of flanking fire

3) If you do get one or more AI ships sailing towards you try and kite away

4) Don't be too passive as you will miss out on doing damage to the AI ships as they don;t last very long against your team (usually)


The only time I would ram would be when the AI ship was the last one left and I'm not the last one for the team I am on.


Co-op does not give sufficient rewards for me but it is one way to get a lot of wins in a short time,

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