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What line for learning torpedo boat gameplay?

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seing that with almost 100 % certainty submarines will be added to the game I thought that having some prior experience in sneaking up to people and torpedoing them into oblivion would be beneficial.


So... what line should I play if I want to become a sneaky bastard universally feared and loathed? :Smile_hiding:




Assuming I go into Japanese Destroyers... which line should I choose... the one with


Shimakaze at Tier 10




Harugumo at Tier 10



What line would you recommend if we assume tier 6 or 7 play mostly?



Thank you.






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On 1/13/2019 at 9:16 AM, Subtle_Shift_In_Emphasis said:

So... what line should I play if I want to become a sneaky bastard universally feared and loathed?

Obviously, the IJN torpedo line, although I might be tempted to stop at T8 - Kagero is pretty good, and has the (joint) best concealment in the game, making it up-tier better than most. You also have the option of the entertaining TRB (instead of smoke) build, which can be a lot of fun. T9-10 are a bit 'meh' at the moment - there are more fun things to play at that tier level.


The 'dakka' line is worth pursuing, at least a bit - the T7 is arguably the best torpedo boat (!) at the tier. Although not really my thing, the T8-10 dakka boats are very strong, if you can play them right, although they won't help much in your quest to become a sneaky bastard.


On one's journey to achieving sneaky bastard enlightenment, don't discount the other DD lines though - the RN DDs are very worthwhile, and rival the IJN for sneakiness; they gain the ability to stealth torp at around T6 (with CE to make the margin useful), although they do need their guns to do decent damage. Also, don't forget that the T10 US DD (Gearing) gets a legendary module that makes it a fairly monstrous torpedo boat as well, although the lower tiers often struggle with achieving true sneakiness.


If you aren't a re-roll (i.e. your 161 battle count is accurate) there are a few general pointers that are (arguably) more important than ship choice:

  • For sneaky play, CE (Concealment Expert) is an essential captain's skill; it requires (at least) a ten-point captain, and almost everyone that you face will have it from somewhere in the mid-tiers.
  • If you are short of ten-point captains, you can buy them from the arsenal (for coal or doubloons); you can also bag free ones from some of the weekly Ops, and other events that happen from time to time (is the Azur Lane one still running, for example?).
  • Don't forget the 'standard' DD build for your first ten points: PT or PM, LS, SE, CE (with a bit of variation - LS is the only absolute 'must have', besides CE); you won't go far wrong with that.
  • If you haven't found it already, have a look at the wiki (http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/World_of_Warships); it'll give you a bunch of useful info on optimum ship and captain builds.
  • Unless you want to spend a lot of money on captain respecs, there is a lot to be said for building your captains for higher up the tech tree e.g. for IJN torp boats, have a look at the captain skills needed for (say) the T8, and build your lower tier captain accordingly - assuming you'll be transferring your captain up the tiers as you go. Happily, the IJN torp boats are *fairly* consistent in terms of captain skills needed.
  • Keep an eye out for 'keepers' i.e. ships that you like enough to keep playing even after you've unlocked the one above e.g. Fubuki at T6 is probably worth keeping, with a decent captain on, even after you unlock the T7; when you sell a ship, you lose half the silver you paid for her, which is worth bearing in mind. How many keepers you maintain will depend on things like how many port slots you have available (unless desperate, only buy more on special offer), and how prone to being a collector you are...


Edit: if you feel the urge to spend money, the T61 is a monster, and the Gallant isn't bad for learning how to torp boat (although both really do need a 10-point captain for the CE, to give a more comfortable stealth torp window). Don't forget though, when you start playing T5 you lose the protected MM window, and start facing much more alarming opponents, in terms of tier, captain development, and player experience...

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For tier 6-7 Fubuki, Akatsuki and Shiratsuyu  are the best mid tier torpedo focused DD's currently, with good stealth, hard hitting torps with decent reload, large amounts of torps and good enough gun power to atleast take pot shots at other DD's (not in prolonged fights however). As for tier 10, Harugomo is the better option than the Shimakaze since guns>torpedoes when it comes to consistency. And since the SHimakaze has the easiest to spot torpedoes at tier 10 and pretty much no other redeeming qualities if you miss your torpedoes it gets left in the dust.


So for training torpedo skills I would say Fubuki. For tier 10 and you still want torpedes, honestly every other tier 10 DD apart from the Khabarovsk is a better option than the Shimakaze.

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I would also suggest the japanese destroyers, to get used to torps! :cap_cool:

However, dont forget that any other nation also is equipped with torps, and each nation has its own pros and cons.:cap_rambo: I suggest (Alongside with my other suggestion) that you try out each nations destroyer and see which you like the most :crab:


I hope you will have as much luck hitting with your torps, as I have being destroyed by them! :Smile_hiding: 

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