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Fiji heals not working

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My guess is that it's the type of damage taken - you can't heal AP damage so if that is all you've taken then heal won't work.

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You'll have to explain better what you are seeing.

If you get citadelled you can only repair 33%(?) of the damage so one repair may be all you can use.

Is there a greyed out area indicating how much you can heal?

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2 hours ago, OnceBittenTwiceShy said:

Am i the only one who can just heal once, no matter how many charges I have left. 

This has lost me quite a few games, as you can imagine. 

As @gopher31 Said I think we need a bit more information as to what is happening here. What your saying doesn't make sense? You can heal Fire and flooding damage as well as light damage to hull but your heal points are accumulated form a damage  ratio from your depleted HP pool.

Your heal points are applied upon hitting repair but as the video shows if you don't use this at the right time it can be the difference between a good amount of hp recovered or hardly anything.  The India Delta flag will increase the amount of hp recovered BY 20% when its applied to the ship.


See here for all details concerning Repair party and its effects upon different ships and nations etc. 



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