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[PUSH_] are Actively Recruiting !!

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Greetings Captains.....

[PUSH_] Clan are actively recruiting !!

We provide a mature and friendly atmosphere where all are treated with respect.....even our opponents !

We do NOT tolerate abusive behaviour by Our members internally or towards other Clans and Players of WoWs.

We have members from a variety of European countries but use English for communications. ( If you only have a little English, we will try to help improve this together ).


[PUSH_] currently hold position in two Leagues, Storm and Gale but are working to improve both Alpha and Bravo to the higher Leagues.  With this in mind, we are seeking active, regular to hardcore players to help improve our options for Clan teams as we move forward in 2019.

[PUSH_] use the Discord App' for ALL communications and as such it is a MANDATORY requirement for joining the Clan.

You must have a Microphone and Mic' etiquette suitable for MMO style game play.

What we are looking for :  

Alpha Member -

1: Minimum 2 ships @ Tier 10 ( DD or CA's preferably ) .

2: Approx' 2500 Battles played .

3: Avg' Damage approx' 40,000 .

4: WR - Approx' 50% .

5: Age 18+ with a mature attitude .

Bravo Member -

1: Several ships @ T9 / T8
2: Approx' 1500 Battles played.
3: Avg' Damage 30,000
4: WR - Approx' 46%
5: Age 18+ with a mature attitude.

A mature attitude does not exclude a sense of humor !  


If you are interested in joining [PUSH_] you can approach any member and ask to contact one of our Recruitment Officers directly.

The above stat's requirements are a rough guide as we understand that " Stat's " do not necessarily reflect the quality of the person behind them, so if you think you have what it takes to join [PUSH_] and are close to meeting these requirements, please contact us and we will discuss membership with you further.



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