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Captain Reset with 0.8.0

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Hello All


It seems there is a going to be a free captain skills reset on release of 0.8.0, for CV captains. (Based on comments read in forums - I am still searching for dev notes etc for source!)


If I start to retrain a couple of 'spare' captains I have in reserve, will they also get a 'free' re-set even if they are not fully retrained for a CV?


e.g. I have a 12 pt New Orleans captain in reserve with some duff skills. If I pay 200,000 cr to get him 'half' specialised for the Bogue (I won't have enough time to grind the rest of the points needed to fully retrain him for Bogue), will he also get a free reset so I can use his skills more profitably (I'll need to retrain him for his 'new' home after that I know).

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