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[DAB] Be one of the Dank Meme Bois

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Attention All Gamers!



The Dank Meme Bois are in trouble and they need your help!

Whether you are an inexperienced player looking for a clan full of epic memel0rds or an experienced player looking to help build a clan up from the bottom, look no further, for the Dank Meme Bois are now recruiting.

The clan is brand new, so we don't expect anything from you. You don't even have to send us your credit card number and the three numbers on the back.

We don't have many of the clan buildings built yet, but we can offer you a friendly, mature community of dank memesters for more fun fun fun fun than the Kazoo Kid could EVER deliver!


Join by simply sending a message ingame to Holzlover or searching for Dank Meme Bois [DAB] and applying directly for an EPIC Victory Royale!



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