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Sorry for the long read,


Its not always about your own score, and you personaly.

If you dont believe that im wrong already please dont reas any futher!, if your willing to open up contineu the read.

A lot of people think that killing 3,4,5,6,7,8 or even more people will garuntee you the win.
Sometimes it does, but mostley you see the fastesd en best battles with the kills devivided between people.

But owke, winning is not about about what you can do for yourself, but what can i do to make sure my team can win.

This means. If your outnumberd on your own flank, dont pussy out. Buy your others flank as much time as possible to defeat their flank. Meaning.. DD keep torping them, CL keep harrassing them, and BB's keep your nose pointed to the enemy so you are harder to kill and can stop the advencement of the enemy (at least slow down).

This will hopefully be enough for your teams other flank to defeat their opposing flank. And then relieve the guys that have been holding out (mostley on the edge of their lifes). 

Its teamwork that wins you the game,
If people would stop thinking about personal gameplay and more about this:

Who, what and where am i.
Then the second question,
Who,what and where am i the best to help the team.

Basic answers for a bb:
Frontline takeing the dmg for cruisers

Basic answers for a CL:
Second line, keep them under constant barage of fire and shield the bb from dd's

Basic answers for the DD:
Find the hole in the enemy line, you dont need to rush. A dead DD is a useless DD. 
Be patient torping the enemy from the sides is far more effective then from the front!
And you beeing in their backs, you keep them spotted perma.

If you disagree thats fine,
We all have our playstyles.

If your intrested in this. And love discord, the eu server and division play

Visit us


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This is probably one of the main reasons i´m with this clan you have always people to have fun and giggles with!


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