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Australian Navy Never-Were Designs Part 1

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This is the first part of my Royal Australian Navy Never Were designs with drawings. Here in part 1 you can see the smaller escort ships the Frigate and Light Destroyer proposals:


Australian General Purpose Escort:



In the 1960's the Royal Australian Navy asked for a small sized, relatively cheap escort vessel to perform a wide range of peacetime and wartime missions, including Anti ship, Anti-Submarine and Anti-Air ones. For these missions the armament was relatively light but well balanced. The project was dropped due to the issues between missions of what the RAN required and what the RN designers proposed and in the end the Australians bought modified Charles F. Adams class Guided Missile Destroyers, the Perth class and a number of fast attack patrol crafts.
Original design included full British weaponry but the Australians wanted American made missiles and guns, thus I've created this later variant.

The design 
the following characteristics:
Dimensions: 101,5 (wl) x 10,4 x 3,5m 
Displacement: 1.800tons (standard), 2.000tons (full load)
Engines: 35.000shp, 2 shafts, CODOG (Combined Diesel Or Gas) Probably MAN diesel & General Electric LM2500-23 gas turbines.
Speed: 69km/h (37knots)
Range: 9.600-10.500km at 22km/h (5.200-5.700nm at 12knots)
1x1 127mm/54 Mark 18 Gun
2x1 20mm/70 Oerlikon AA Guns,
1x8 RIM-7 Sea Sparrow Missiles,

2x3 324mm Torpedo Tubes
1x Bell UH-1 Iroquois helicopter

I've based my drawing on this proposal:



Australian Light Destroyer Project:



Soon after the failure to order the General purpose escort of the early 1960's slightly later In 1964/66 the Royal Australian Navy started a design work for a light destroyer capable of defending it's shore waters from various hostile forces. The first designs showed a rather small sized vessel with two 5" guns one aft, one forward, and a helicopter deck of around 2000tons displacement barely larger than a frigate at the time. Over time the design evolved into a very capable destroyer with single 5" gun an RIM-66 Standard SAM, anti ship missiles and short range light AA guns. But like the previous programme the shifting requirements and poor project management by the Navy together with political pressure and increasing costs meant that these ships were never built and instead 4 (later another two home built) modified Oliver hazard Perry class Frigates were bought known as the Adelaide class.
The design the following characteristics:
Dimensions: 129,54 (wl), 137,16 (oa) x 14,6 x 6,7m 
Displacement: 4.20tons (standard), 5.000tons (full load)
Engines: 50.000shp, 2 shafts, COGOG (Combined Gas Or Gas) Probably Rolls-Royce Olympus TM-3B & Tyne RM-1A gas turbines
Speed: 56km/h (30knots)
Range: 11.000km at 22km/h (5.900nm at 12knots)
1x1 127mm/54 Mark 19 Gun,
2x2 30mm/75 Mark 28 AA Guns, (Commonly known as Emerlec EX-75)
1x1 RIM-66 RIM-66 Standard MR Missile launcher,
6-8x Anti ship missiles (probably RGM-84 Harpoon)
2x3 324mm Torpedo Tubes
2x Westland WG-13 Lynx helicopters
More info can be found here:
Based on these drawings:
and model:
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