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90ThP Phoenix Squadron EU server is recruiting

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[90THP] Phoenix Squadron welcomes applications on the EU server. The 90thP is EU branch of the 90th Battlegroup, they operate on the NA server.

We looking for players to play clan battles, we hope to become semi-competitive, we want players to play with us, have fun, become better players and even make us better players.

Minimum criteria for applications is:

- • In the last year play 1500 or more battles (EU server)

• Average Experience per battle is over 1000

• At least 1 x Tier 10 ship (or a Tier 9 that’s close to upgrading)

• A commitment to make 80 Oil per week for the clan.

• English speaking is mandatory. Read and write English is ideal.

• The use of DISCORD for clan and in-game voice communications is mandatory and be active there.

• Your in-game name and DISCORD name are the same or very similar.

What we need to know….

Will you conduct yourself in an appropriate manner?

Why are you here?

If relevant, were you invited and by who?

Your in-game name?

The process…. Simply contact us in-game or ideally through discord. Initially you may be invited to the clan (on a probationary basis), to play some games will us, so we can get to know you and see how you play. After a short period (about 2 weeks), successful applications will be fully invited to the clan.

Thanks for considering us.

Contacts… RevelAndQuaff CO

Naked_bird XO

JPalaio (Recruiter)

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