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I need to start battleships lines

and in various tiers


Could you pls inform me about the best battleships, in your opinion, at any tier


thanks for responding to this



if you could also right to me your opinion about french premium battleships and non premium


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I can only really give a more detailed advice on IJN, but I have played other BBs when test server is up on some days.


USN BBs are in general a good way to learn how to battleship with some leeway for mistakes, since they are slow all the way to T9, they teach you how to position yourself correctly, plus decent belt armour means and guns. They also get a slightly improved heal compared to the rest in most tiers except for T9-10 RNs. All of their ships are okay in most situations, but also not completely brilliant in them, reflecting their jack of all trades nature. Their AA however, is some of the best when speced for it.


If you want to learn it hardcore style go IJN BBs, their way of punishing mistakes is simple: you blow up in a fireball, whereas the other lines may get way in similar situations or live longer, so any mistakes you make is immediately felt. However they do have improved dispersion vs the USN per tier, until the USN gets their plotting room mod at T9-10, plus some of the hardest hitting and longest range guns per tier(but that does not mean you should shoot maxrange, they are there only so you can shoot the surviving CV at the end of the battle or taking potshots as move around). They do have some good ships for their tier, the fuso with its 12 guns, nagato gets the largest gun(410mm) at her tier, amagi is basically a combination of good points from kongo's speed, fuso's quantity and nagato's guns. Izumo has railguns at her tier, before you are finally rewarded with Yamato, the largest guns(460mm) at her tier, where hopefully by then you have learnt well from the lower tiers of BB, since she is also the hardest T10 BB to play. Do note that their AA is often lacking compared to others at the same tier, they can shoot down some planes but they can often get though, so have a AA cruiser, preferably a USN CL close by, or group up with other ships to share overlapping aa.


RN is weirdly designed as new player friendly however, they have absurdly strong HE so you can get away with spamming HE, but do note that while the AP is ineffective vs BBs except for point blank ranges, they show a higher degree of effectiveness vs cruisers+ zombie heal at T9-10, and they do also have very good concealment, sometimes better then certain cruisers, however their "easy mode" can actually hurt your leaning of how to BB by teaching you bad habits.


Germans or KM have gunners that can be described as drunk on German beer 24/7, and effective range is point blank. Their strength lies in close range brawling, which in the current meta does not favour them at all, so I do not advise to go down this route. All of them do have turtle-back armour scheme and incremental armour scheme, which gives them immunity to massive citadel damage at close range and high crusier HE spam resistance since 50mm decks and thick upper belts cover most of the ship, plus faster firing and turning turrets compared to some of the other ship higher up(lower tiers still turn slow as hell however). All of them also feature some of the best secondary armament at their tier, and when fully speced for it can tear apart DDs, crusiers and sometimes battleships at ranges out to 11km. Their weakness is that while the turtleback is good at stopping close range citadels, at longer ranges the chance of it happening increases, and the incremental armour scheme means that AP shells can arm more often and deal massive penetration damage if you are not careful in angling your ship. plus your main guns are often smaller in size and fewer compared to other nations of the same tier, finally their torpedo defence is at best ineffective, so any torpedo hits will be felt, although from T8 onwards you get hydro, and due to the ranges they operate, they are far more reliant on their team actually backing them up and not abandoning it.

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Here's a short version


US Battleships:

+Excellent AA at high tiers

+Good armor

+Decent high tier dispersion

-Subpar secondaries

-Slow at low tiers

-Shorter range

-Slightly bigger dispersion at lower tiers


IJN Battleships:


+Decent accuracy

+Longer range

-Somewhat lacking AA

-Slightly less armor


German Battleships:

+Fast turret rotation speed

+Difficult to citadel

+Excellent secondaries at higher tiers

-Unreliable guns

-Short range AA

-High dispersion


UK Battleships:

+Difficult to citadel

+Extremely strong HE

+Very good concealment at higher tiers

+Very good heal

-Slow turret traverse

-Mediocre AP at lower tiers

-Very poor deceleration


French Battleships:

+Most have a large number of guns

+Decent AA

+Decent turret traverse

+Speed boost at higher tiers

-Relatively low dispersion per turret

-Small gun caliber on most ships

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All BBs are good. Some require a special play style to make them work. Pick the line from domen's list that works best with your play style.

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IJN or USN line is the best start for beginners. 

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