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[X0T] Welcomes you, without any requirements - We have pizza! (also info about clan bonuses)

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First of all, I want to mention a few words about why you should join a clan in World of Warships.

Most of you already know this but hey, not everyone does.


If you are part of a clan, you automatically get a lot of bonuses at no cost.

Most clans let you join without placing any requirements or demands on you as a player.


The below image displays the current bonuses you get if you chose to Join X0T (X zero T)



Why would a clan let you get a free ride like this then you may ask?

Well the answer is very simple.


The Clan benefits from you and your matches played.

Every time you as a player earn a container of any kind, the clan earns Oil Resources automatically.

With Oil the clan is able to purchase additional bonuses for its players.

So basically this is a win win scenario for all players involved.


You do not have to do anything since this is 100% automatic as long as you are part of the clan.


What I am trying to relay is that if you are not part of a clan yet, it is about time you start considering it.

If you are not interested in clan wars or such, just find a clan with no requirements, such as our clan.


We do have some players that like clan wars but we do not require you to participate if you do not want to.

You can be part of the clan and still play as if you were not part of a clan if you chose so.


You would simply get free bonuses.

good to know is that you start getting the clan bonuses after earning 6 containers while in the clan.



Feel free to apply to X0T. (That's a number in the middle)


Or if X0T does not suit you , please find a clan that does.

Playing without a clan is a waste of time in my opinion.

And time is the only limitation we as players have.


Best Regards







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