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How to play Pan Asian Destroyers DDs Gadjah Mada Review Guide

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Firstly I'd like to wish you all a happy new year and secondly I would like to share with you my experience on how to play the pan Asian tier 7 destroyer the Gadjah Mada.
The Gadjah has faced some recent power creep from the likes of the Jervis, Lightning Cossack etc new ships to the game that you will regularly encounter in random battles but the Gadjah is still outstanding in my opinion.

I included a video from my how to play series which goes over the ship upgrades, captain skills and highlights from an extraordinary game I recently played with no less than 7 achievements and 7 kills really showcasing the power of this fantastic destroyer.
I hope you all enjoy the video where I cover the strategy and tactics I employ to get the most out of this amazing ship.

Feel free to dissect and criticize if need be, I welcome all advice given in the right spirit.



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...great posting there!...my compliments for doing so. and yeah, Gadjah = real good ship great entertainment ship, yeah, fully agree. I have 3x 19 points Pan Asian captains idle (doing nothing) cuz of me very fav YueYang (X) being nerfed to the ground (almost, lol), so made me bit irritated (cuz i lost one of me big fav destroyers, lol, i am only human, lol)...so i don't play Pan Asian anymore, but yeah, Gadjah = ok ship, for sure


(...same time, i realize i have ta stay objective, meaning, WG nerfed YY...so they must have had good reasons for doing so (clan-wars?) so...i fully trust WG did right thing there (they always do things good for game...= win=win...for all)...me, i only am hop-in-and-play-player (lol)...always randoms & always solo-playing (= fastest playin way, lol)....but me, i, now i no longer play Pan Asian any more (for many months already)...fully focussed on the great IJN torp destroyers (mighty Shima(X) = me big fav #1...always was)...those still are great...requires "tora-tora-tora-mentality"...72knots speed torps, 9, 6 range (= enough)....so..for me Pan Asian destroyers, well. for me, kind of past tense, history, don't ever play them anymore. no need for them & besides that: so very, very may other great ships out there, so why bother with Pan Asian-destroyer-line?....kind of what me, i think of it all)

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