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Looking for a clan to tier up and progress. (Not clan war ready yet)

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Hi all.


Pretty short and sweet in the title. Just looking for a clan or group to players to do battles with around the 5- 7 bracket and level up as I am far from league and war ready.



Bit about play and fluff.


This bit I bet few will read as I see a lot of copy and paste clan messages but hay.


I used to play carrier a lot ( Yes one of them players) but manly as a support/ spotting role rather then kill hogger.

I have come back to the game after a break and am looking for players to play alongside teir up and get better. (Due to breaking PC and moving house just in case wondering)

I am UK based and time window (19:00 - 24:00 GMT) so players on them times would be great.

Have access to a Mic and am always up for talking to people I'm far from shy.


I have been in clans before for WOT and endless amount of other games through my gaming time and really don't want to go to a international clan ( multi game) where the player base flitters in and out of the game, or just to boost there numbers to look better. But I am open if you can show me otherwise.


Thanks and see you all ingame.



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Hi Bl00d

H_S_R are currently recruiting.   :cap_like:  UK based :cap_cool:

We are a casual clan and we don't ask for 100% commitment.  

We understand that sometimes you just want to play alone - and that is fine, and that everyone has a different level of family/life/commitments.

There are usually clan members on at various points through the day, evening and at weekends.


:Smile_popcorn:As a clan we accept the following:

  • Players of any age, gender, race, ability
  • Ideally players with tier 5 or above (but we are happy to support new players of lower tiers)
  • Preferably English speaking with Discord

If you would like to know more, just let me know.







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