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Aiming consistency at limit detection distance

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Hi all


I am spotting something that is quite annoying concerning aim.

Sometimes you spot a ship just behind an island, at limit detection distance.

My ship fires and citadels the enemy ship which remains with few pv.

For whatever reason - and maybe good reason - the ship that HAS NOT MOVED - gets out of detection and disappears.

I fire immediately with SAME AIM and the shells for no good reason follow a much shorter trajectory and totally fall short.

This is a miss and I cannot strike again.

Aiming is not consistent at that precise point.


Would it be possible to keep the consistency of aim even if the ship has disappeared ?

To me, it does not make sense that the trajectory of shells should change when aim stays constant.


It is all the more a problem that the game may turn around these detection questions.

It is very frustrating to have correct aim (I just hit the immobile ship one second before) - and to miss the target (one second later) just because it disappeared and trajectory of shells has changed (for no reason).


Regards all

Eric (France)


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You need to lock on a ship to aim at it behind an island. You cannot lock on unseen ships.

Without lock on, you aim at the island, not the ship behind.

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