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CVs & Matchmaking

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My comment starts after reviewing a video on YouTube about the rework of the CV ...
That pc players are the most valuable thing in wargaming? lie,
Its famous 'matchmaking' is a kick in the testicles for anyone. Almost interdiarily, religiously I'm grouped with a bunch of newbies to unbalance my party and ruin my WR (if today is my black day probably lose 8 out of 10 games).

* issue aside: I have been banned from the chat for insulting, but the experience has shown me that with insults many players (not all, at least 10-15%) react and start to cooperate in the party. Well, the problem starts in matchmaking. There comes a time when, no matter how much effort you give, you can not win because of the large number of mistakes made by the team as a whole. They mix in me several emotions (anger, frustration, irony, etc.) and detonate in insults, my best recipe is to leave the game all day ... you know
I do not know how but I have average 59-60% wr only with CV, personally I do not find it difficult. Nor is it that I joined by the CV, it was late my interest in learning to use them.
Their 'big' CV rework sucks, it does not bother me that they want to earn more money, but do they really want their PC players? it does not seem. Was it necessary to change the RTS ?? I believe that not necessarily, they could implement 2 game modes in parallel. Not to mention that 3 years after publicly launching the game they came up with the brilliant idea of uploading tutorials to learn the in-depth game system.


Thanks Wargaming but I'm not one of those interested in the game imnersion from the airplane, thanks for not letting me choose (i don't play world of warplanes).
By the way, thanks also for giving me the bonus of 200% of exp + 3 black days of consecutive negative matchmaking.


* Regarding chat communication, one important suggestion is that they should introduce more communication texts, because it is simple, and efficient. 13 messages are insufficient, at least implement messages aimed at suggesting short and accurate battle plans so that novices (you can fight 8 thousand battles and even then there are ships that do not yet know how to use them 100%) can ignore a single plan and do not leeming train.


The concept of warships wars is great, but their work is mediocre (especially the treatment of their audience).


We seem masochists tolerating Wargaming so long. Maybe it's time to quit, anyway the game looks old.


What do you think?

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If you lose too often, it is a personal problem.

Being nice to teammates and encourage teamplay gives you more than 10-15% cooperation.

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