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Force H_Royal Navy (FH_RN) is back and looking for salty seadogs to join the crew, it has been quiet for a while, but now back fully active and looking for active players.


Force H Naval Base has buildings that give our players bonuses for their Captains XP and Ships XP from their games, that will improve more as time goes on, and will soon be fiving bonuses to coal for each clan member, as well as making buying your ships that you unlock in the tech tree cheaper to buy. 


You don't have to be superman, just need to have some or most of the following traits:-


1. Be active and playing regularly.

2. Be English speaking, as i have set up a discord chat server, to help in battles, and to generally have fun together.

3. Looking to team up with other clan mates, and when we have enough players, participate in clan battles, as well as other events as and when the are held.

4. Knowing which end of the ship is the front, is an advantage, but not a deal breaker lol.

5. Knowing what those things that go bang are for is also a plus, but again not a huge deal breaker.

6. Age is unimportant, just be ready to have fun and sink some enemy ships.


If you would like to join a very small clan that is looking to expand, and help it to grow. You will get all of the benefits and rewards from being in a clan, and the more success we have, the more and bigger the rewards become. So if that appeals to you, then leave your details below and I will be happy to invite you to join Force H_Royal Navy (FH_RN)


Give us a try, you know it makes sense.


General_Montgomerie1966 (Base commander)

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If you guys play relatively casual, sign me up. I've played pretty much exclusively solo, despite being in a clan... 

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