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AA repair while using heal

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New idea; Damage repair party able to repair aa.

Concept is simple, there are several different levels of damage, low, med and high, depending if the gun was hit directly or not, and also depending on the certain calibre gun that hit it


Low has a good chance of repairing aa

Med has a, well, medium chance of repairing aa

And high has basicly no chance of repairing aa


Oh, and captains like Yamamoto can also repair AA with the special ability.

Im not including secondaries because if it can happen to large irriplacabe guns, it can also happen to them too.



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I don't think this idea reflects a realistic scenario.

A jammed gun, ok, but repairing a battle damaged gun is pretty hard, if not impossible.

What idea did you have thinking of this? And for your information, the only thing captains can repeir is a ball point...

What do we do with dual purpose guns then?

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