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Smokescreens, Zooms and Borders

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I've complained about this previously, but since it's still not fixed - here we go again.



Compare these 2 screenshots, taken right after each other:

Max zoom:




2 "ticks" out from max zoom:




Why the hell is smoke still invisible when you are maximally zoomed in?! And literally it's only a max zoom thing - even just 1 tick out shows a slight fog where the smoke is, which is all I'd god damn need from it while fully zoomed in.

The amount of salvos I've missed because I had no idea the ship is starting to lay a smoke while I'm aiming at it - especially since the speed change while going from Full to 3/4 isn't exactly super noticeable visually.... Ridiculous. And that's just one case where I'd like to actually god damn know that there's a smokescreen where I'm looking at


Another one is smokescreens and their visual vs actual borders

Here's an example:




Those rings that indicate the smokescreens actual borders - they aren't really always visible, especially if you're looking from a ships PoV instead of already admiring the reason why you were sunk in the post-death camera. Not sure if it's angle or distance issue, but sometimes they're there, sometimes they're not.

Visually smokescreens are so much wider than they actually are, that when laid next to island they often visually join up with them while actually leaving a rather large gap through which anyone can be spotted despite being fully - and rightfully - convinced that he's in smokescreens cover. Come on!



And while we are speaking about "borders" - the hell is up with map edge being displayed to you or not depending on your viewing angle?!

Thick border:




No border:




The amount of times I've run into the map edge without knowing it's there - simply because direction I was looking towards happened to fit the magical angle - and thus losing all my speed because I wasn't already pre-turning out to avoid it... Why would such an invisibility feature be introduced?! Like seriously, it serves absolutely no positive purpose!



@MrConway @Crysantos The game can be frustrating enough as is, do we really need completely unnecessary things like these turning that up to 11?

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4 hours ago, wilkatis_LV said:

And while we are speaking about "borders" - the hell is up with map edge being displayed to you or not depending on your viewing angle?!


I can answer that. It's very simple.

Unlike in real life, digital "walls" can have no thickness, aka it can be completely 2D. I imagine the border is simply a textured plane placed there which will thus inevitably disappear if you see it from the side.

To demonstrate this, here is a simple example:




This is a plane as seen from above.




It'll inevitably disappear if you attempt to view it from the side. A plane can never be visible from this angle as it is entirely two dimensional.

If you want an object to be visible from every angle you must use/construct a box or any other 3D object.


This is not some feature implemented by WG. It's simply the way it is. To condemn this is like condemning that the Earth is round or orbits around the sun.

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