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Help topic. Not sure where to put? Bit drunk :)

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Not entirely sure if the Newcomers section would have been the best place to find someone to help with this problem https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/forum/631-newcomer-questions/ (Not however directly the best place looking that you are not a newcomer!)


There could be various of reasons your warships keeps minimizing, I'll try to point out a few, maybe these help.

1. If WoWS is too rough on your GPU/CPU, your PC will try to force windows 7 color aero scheme, minimizing the game in order to save the burning parts of your PC.

2. Windows update keeps bothering you, or some other app that forces itself to be the top window of your screen, since your games & browsers are layered (fullscreen is on layer 1 but an app might be authorized to prio itself to layer one minimzing the game even though it's background or somewhere in the side)

3. If you have multiple screens, your screen or GPU might interact with something else happening on another screen which forces the game to minimize (eg. If I try to watch a movie on my 2nd or 3rd screen, it sometimes messes up with my game as it's fullscreen 2k)


Best way to solve is to try to figure out which is causing this problem. If your computer lacks juice, I would recommend monitoring your hardware while playing. I always have RAM cleaner and HWMonitor on while playing to see temps and other stats.

If it has something to do with secondary screens, I would recommend doing windowed mode if you want to multitask while gaming.


Other than that, I can't really help. Hopefully this helps!

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There is a tech corner on the forums at (https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/forum/500-tech-corner/) which probably wouldve been a better place to ask your question :Smile_Default:


There could be alot of issues why your game keeps minimizing! I'd recommend you go through your game settings and computer settings like Niems said. 


I hope you solve your problem soon :cap_like:


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