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Duke of York, what does it bring?

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The snowflake event made me dust of some reward ships that been in the port without getting played for a long time. One of these ships was the Duke of York and after playing her I couldn't see the point of her, specially not when having 3 premium ships at tier 7 for the Royal Navy and being inferior to her sister KGV in all areas except AA. 


So what is the incentive to play her in her current form, other than being a captain trainer, someone please enlighten me and tell me how to enyoy her? 


With all T7 premiums for the RN why not tweak her a little, since she according to me has conflicting consumables and setup. The hydro acoustic search is good for getting close and spot torpedoes and destroyers, but the reduced amount of heals and high fire chance makes it more appealing to snipe and start fires. 


I would like to see her getting the Massachusetts-treatment, buff her secondary armament similar to how the 127mm/mk38 are buffed with increased RoF and range for the Massachusetts compared to other ships with same guns. This would stack well with skills for her already great AA as well as the hydro and 1/4 HE penetration.  The heal can be adjusted for balancing purpose and the slower reload for main batteries could stay as it is. 


The focus with the suggested tweak is not increase in power, but more diverse gameplay for a nation that has many premium ships at the same tier. Me loving secondary builds for being hillarius would love to be able to use more ships with that build as well as promote battleships to more close combat battles rather than the sniping campfest some battles evolves into. 

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Well, this won't be a popular opinion as I seem to be almost the only one seeing it this way but...


  • AA you already mentioned, but everything AA related is about to change in January
  • No need for a dedicated captain, I can use whatever fits best. This lets me to use Jack Dunkirk with its improved abilities while keeping it on Conq aswell. No suck luck on KGV
  • Reload difference to me is irrelevant, I prefer waiting longer for a good shot rather than getting ineffective salvos off on cooldown. Same reason for why I generally don't use AR, at least not on BBs
  • Hydro lets you to play far more aggressive than you could with KGV, thus you may be able to get more worth out of your concealment
    • Lack of a Spotter does hurt when firing against smoked up ships, range of 18km is already enough for the tier so you absolutely don't need it for that
  • You still have that same amazing RN BB sAP. I have no idea why people hate it, I'd be crying from happiness if more of my BBs could use it
  • Your AP pen angles are slightly improved -> less bounces is always a good thing
  • DDs as well as lack of overmatch aren't a particularly big problem thanks to the rather good HE (altho Nagato / Ashitaka still have it better, mind you)


I know I haven't played DoY particularly much, at least not in games that are tracked, but I as one of those rare players who love to use RN BB sAP I absolutely adore DoY.

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