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Why the Motherload pack in premium store is in discount when its not?

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Motherload refes as a discount but that is false. Its another totaly new pack of doublons and credits. So the title "discount" does not require its meaning unless WG wants to build a very BAD icon among premium packs buyers.

I want to beleive that its a mistake and soon it will be restored...

Yesterday the Motherload costed 42.15 Euros  as a discount of 19% of its original price but it contained 10000 Doublons +11500000 Credits 

Today the title says that the discount is 20% aka 41,49 Euros  but the pack has been changed and now contains 9000 Doublons + 9000000 Credits

So its an entire NEW PACK and not a new /better discount because with 0.96 Euros  of the extra "discount" NO ONE CAN BUY 1000 Doublons and 1500000 credits.

So the question is simple: Was that intentional (I hope NOT) or a mistake in the pack's content that will be fixed?

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You've posted a whole bunch of different numbers there, but the discount is still the 20% off the value of the bundle contents.


9,000 dubloons and 9m credits (which is a dubloon cost of 6,000 dubloons) has a total value of 15,000 dubloons.


15,000 dubloons costs, in GBP, £44.52




but the bundle, which has a value of £44.52 is -20% off, so is only £35.50.




It is entirely possible that the contents have changed, but I'm not sure who else is watching these store bundles closely enough to know that.


https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/sales-and-deals/premium-shop-december-2018/ this page also links the bundle as it is displayed right now.


All I can say is that the bundle definitely does save you 20%.

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