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world of tanks future and it's front line mod'

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I wish to address the forum of the future and the unwillingness of the staff of admin and the programmers of W.G.

The mods in chat are of the front line of staff of W.G of the game play of MM.s and RNG in game gen chat.

a failure to address the problems have created a disorder that the mod's have to endure of day to day in gen chat in one game world of tanks

i sent a ticket giving my concerns of the matter's of match play of balanced teams as the main problem the mods have to endure in chat.

i was told that they addressed the problem by 2 updates to help the MM's to be...well more balanced ???well inn the last 2 years it has been anything less

then balanced and has created a mass disorder of gaming in chat and game play...al programmers and admin at any time take a look on what the front line staff are dealing with....not very good...my frend's no longer play but if it went back to the game play in 2012 they would be still playing World of tanks and another player left over the MMs match making..in teams as unfair and unjust as my myself are on the verg of just well hope i do not have to and this will go to the top and something will be done...but yet i was told if they did it fair then the waiting time for a game between game will take longer..well as the front line staff take the abuse of very angry player's 

how do you balance it ? well programmers you have to find away....or you may be out of a job rather sooner then later's

your's with concern...yorkigunner


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Pretty sure you got the wrong forum. This is the forum for boats, the tank one is the other way.

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You want the world off tanks forum, although i will add that your post makes no sense regardless.

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This thread has been closed by the moderation team due to not being relevant to the forum.


Thank you!



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