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Looking for a mature competitive CB clan

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Hi all

I'm looking for a new clan
English speaking, ideally mainly UK based players


I am a competitive player, with a 55+ % win rate that's climbing
I enjoy clan battles but my last few clans haven't really taken them seriously, I would like to push myself in competitive games and learn from people better than me


- I work full time but from home and can be flexible on play times, I'm always available on CB evenings
- I have discord, use voice chat (discord, teamspeak and mumble), have played various games as part of larger groups for nearly 20 years
- I enjoy DD play, but I'm flexible and have multiple tier X ships and happy to fit into a fleet comp wherever required
- I'm a very active player and I'm looking for a very active clan, the last few I've been part of struggled to even get 1 team of decent players together for CB's and I'd like to play consistently with active players
- I love a bit of banter but in Clan Battles I prefer structure, clear comms and a good FC

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Hi Darien


We are mainly UK based!


We have a great clan with a number of multi cultural backgrounds including British, Swedish, Dutch, Swiss and Cuban/Spanish members (all English speaking) and are looking for players with at least 1 tier 8 (non premium ship) for clan battles. We have also put in place a system where we have an Alpha team, the members of this team have already been picked but they can call on a player from the Bravo team should they be short of players. We are looking for Bravo team players. We use discord and have a Facebook page for comms . Please check us out @ [SBS] Special Boat Service and apply in game or alternatively contact HMS_Edinburgh or HMS_BlackPud.   Cheers Pud

AAA Clan Image.png

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