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fan-made german aircraft carrier line...maybe future german aircraft carrier line!!

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we know british aircraft carriers is coming but germans aircraft carriers?

germans had 3 german aircraft carrier designs in world war 2

first is well-known graf zeppelin at t8 but we have it as premium but she had second ship called Peter Strasser that was cancelled


second is aircraft carrier Weser at t6 actually builded as heavy cruiser seydlitz but hitler ordered to convert it to aircraft carrier


third is aircraft carrier elbe at t4 , a passenger liner potsdam converted to aircraft carrier


fourth one is actually wargaming-fabricated one that looks like this but longer..name t10 Manfred von Richtofen


attention:last one is not designed by me!!

designed by: https://www.deviantart.com/khyron2000/art/Aircraft-Carrier-Immelmann-188559815



they will have very accurate bombers and rocket planes but torpedo bombers will have very bad damage and health 

since they are german ships they can use hydro(expect elbe) and their secondaries are going to be monsteruios same  as graf zeppelin


tell me your opinion to me and if you like them show them to wargaming so they can think about these

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It would have been nice to see some other Ger CVs under the current RTS style of play. With the rework CV FARCE, no (simple & short answer). Nice suggestion otherwise, OP.

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Wow really nice work, hope to see them in game, that would be the only reason to keep playing cv after rework.

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Nice. The Weser was really in build as also the Graf Zeppelin. So why not? With the upcoming Carrier rework it make sense - the 4 carrier T4, T6, T8 and T10.


Just do it @Wargaming ;) 

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