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Others (balance, Map changes to Okinawa, account levels)

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Please leave any general feedback regarding the new other changes here.


We are particularly interested in your opinion of the balance, map changes and account levels.

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With the CV Rework coming, I feel Musashi needs to get the proper 1944 hull refit.
Musashi AA guns are basically not doing anything, and when the CV rework goes live, Musashi will suffer greatly from being attacked.
Make an extra researchable Hull for the ship so you can switch between different Hulls instead of full overhaul. 
Traits for this ship is high calibre gun at Tier 9 with worse dispersion than Yamato.


Give it 28 sec reload buff or give it some sigma buff to 1.85/1.90

Decrease the rudder shift from 15.3 sec to 9.9 sec, it will make the ship much better to angle and to engage targets when using the second gun turret.


Adjust the AP Fuse Time of 0.033 sec, to make shells overpenetrate targets less.


Duca d'Aosta:

Increase main battery range from 14 km to 15.1 km, this will help the ship to be more in line with other ships.



Faster gun reload from 6.5 sec to 5.0 sec.
Torpedo reload goes from 70.0 sec to 55 sec.

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