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[FUNNY BUG] Émile Bertin turned into a diving duck (and survived)

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My Émile Bertin suffers from an identity crisis. Is it a light cruiser; is it a heavy destroyer; is it just a common duck? Today it chose the last one. It was literally wiggling on those rocks, all over the place. 



Emile-Bertin on the rocks


Do the duck!


I finally got lose and even survived the battle. The review file is available here.  The duck-like action is between 15:25 and 15:00. The battle itself is nothing interesting from my point of view, only the unexpected personality crisis that my poor little Émile Bertin suffered from - little French duck. 


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10 minutes ago, geekuma said:

BTW I still didn't see any reactions from any devs. Where can I report bugs like this? 

Game discussion / Current update / Bug reports



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